Whether you’ve just started your cleaning business, for instance, crime scene cleaners, or have been in the business for several years, you’ll always be on the lookout for new clients. Traditional modes of advertising – the Internet, newspapers, radio, television, and direct mail can be expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective. It can be difficult for crime scene cleaners to do marketing on their own.

Getting other people to talk about your cleaning service is a terrific approach to advertise it! You can do it by creating strategic alliances with other local cleaning companies.

What is the definition of a strategic alliance?

It’s a method of gaining a competitive edge by forming alliances with other firms. In other words, this is a partnership with another company that has the potential to benefit both sides.

First of all, try finding a company that provides similar services but doesn’t compete with you directly.

A strategic partnership might be either official or informal. It is important to remember that both parties need to know what is expected of them and how they can benefit from collaboration with each other.

Crime scene cleaners are unable to deliver all of the services which a client might need. You may supply your consumers with sources to satisfy all of their demands by collaborating with other firms. In the same way, you can get new clients with the help of your partners’ referrals.

As crime scene cleaners, which companies should you approach for a strategic alliance?

• Residential cleaning business. If you offer commercial cleaning services, the residential cleaning company can make a great strategic alliance – and vice versa.

• Specialist blind cleaning companies (ultrasound) clean both commercial and residential areas and will be a great strategic alliance for any cleaning company.

• Fire recovery services. Usually, crimes and disasters like fire come hand in hand, so, alliance between crime scene cleaners and fire recovery services can be very successful.

• Air duct cleaning companies.

• Carpet cleaning companies. It’s a pain in the neck for crime scene cleaners to deal with contaminated carpets. If crime scene cleaners don’t offer carpet cleaning services, they can refer your clients to your carpet cleaning partner and they can refer you to their clients.

• Hard floor maintenance companies.

• Cleaning supply companies. If you don’t supply your customers with cleaning supplies, you can refer them to your supplier and they can put in a good word for you when they know the company is looking for a cleaning company.

When thinking about who can become an ally for your business, look for situations that will benefit both parties.

Creating strategic alliances is an excellent approach to expanding your cleaning company. By creating a partnership with another firm, you can attract more clients and also provide your existing clients with all the necessary services they need, which your crime scene cleaners aren’t able to provide for understandable reasons.

Expand your business opportunities, increase your customer base and increase your profits by teaming up with other businesses.