Types of refrigerators available online

Looking to buy a top refrigerator in India for your home online? You can come across a myriad of options of different types of refrigerators online on leading platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and so more. A household cannot be imagined with a fridge in the kitchen. The presence of a fridge in one’s household simplifies life to a greater extent.

The online platform is filled with different stylish models as well as brands of refrigerators. When you buy any electrical appliance from the online portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and so more; you can expect some exciting discounts on the same. However, with such a wide variety available online, you could be confused about buying the best one for your home. To enlighten you about the same, there are different types of refrigerators that you would come across on the online platform. Have a read:

  • Direct Cool Refrigerators: These types of refrigerators make use of the conventional modes of cooling the entire unit. The principle behind the functioning of a direct cool fridge is based on the convectional cooling inside the compartment of the fridge. These types of refrigerators are the most common in Indian households and are also highly affordable. The freezer chamber of such fridges is usually placed inside the compartment of the fridge. One disadvantage of this type of fridge is that there is the frequent accumulation of thick layers of ice outside the freezer. It calls for manual defrosting whenever ice levels become too high.


  • Frost-Free Refrigerators: These refrigerators are able to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the fridge unit. This is achieved by making use of fans for circulating cooler air even in the corners of the fridge. Therefore, the formation of icemountains outside the freezer area also gets eliminated. The frost-free refrigerators also eliminate the need of carrying out manual defrosting. These fridges might come at an expensive range than the direct cool models.


  • Single Door Refrigerator: If you not have a high budget and need a refrigerator for your small family, then the single door refrigerators could be the ideal option. The single door refrigerators also serve well for the small houses or kitchen area as these can be fitted with much ease even in compact spaces. The freezer along with the vegetable compartment of the fridge is contained in the same unit of this refrigerator. For most of the models, the total capacity of the single door fridge does not exceed 200 litres. These are highly economical and well suited for a small family.


  • Double Door Refrigerator: These fridge units comprise two separate compartments: one for storing vegetables and other stuff, the other is the freezer compartment. This implies the maintenance of constant temperature in the fridge unit. This type of fridge offers great functionality and ease of use as you can utilize the fridge and freezer unit separately. If you have a family of 4-5 members, then this type of fridge is the perfect option. Moreover, several designer models of such fridges are available on the online markets.


  • Compact or Mini Refrigerator: These types of fridges are usually used for offices, small kitchens, or stores. As the name implies, these fridges are highly small in size and serve the purpose of storing only a few bottles or some eatables. The mini fridges are portable and one can easily move them from one place to the other. As these are highly limited in capacity, the mini or compact refrigerators are very cheap when bought online.


Select the best type of fridge for your home and buy online to get exciting offers!