They Can Even Put Them on Oval Windows

How can they get orange county shutters on oval windows? The mind boggles at such a seemingly impossible thing, yet that is exactly what happened when I replaced my old blinds with this type of shutter recently. I live in a very old home, old for California anyway, and one of the things I loved about the place before I bought it are the different types of windows throughout the home. I have ovals, half ovals, and just a number of very oddly shaped windows in various rooms of the house. It’s almost always the thing visitors remark upon when they come over for the first time.

My window covers previously were drapes, very old drapes and very rare ones. They were handmade and probably quite expensive back in the day. Sadly, age and exposure to the sun caused enough damage that they had to go. The amount of time I spent opening and closing them got became tiresome, so it was time to find something new that would work better and maybe be a bit brighter in the house. A friend suggested getting plantation shutters. I laughed because I couldn’t imagine shutters fitting my oddly sized windows. How do you put shutters on an oval window?

A company in town does just that. I don’t know how they figured out how to put shutters on an oval window, let alone a half oval window, but they can do it. They came out to take a look at the house and laughed about the challenge they faced. They said they’ve done some challenging tasks before and they were sure they could handle my windows fairly easy. The results are nothing less than spectacular. I wished I’d done this years ago. The house is so bright! And it’s so easy to open and close them!