Step It Can Do If You Want Your salary Half Could Save it

Has two different savings accounts. (Special Account for the saving can not be withdrawn).

Has two different savings account is an easy way to manage savings. A special account to save money, while others can be used to save money you will use for the necessities of life. You can use a special account savings not get cut and can not be taken within a certain time period, so that your money will remain safe. for more info you can visit

After receiving a wage, do not feel rich but immediately fill half the salary into savings.

Usually after receiving paychecks you’ll feel rich because of just got money. If you do not want to extravagant, from now to remove these feelings. Make it a habit to always insert half paychecks into a savings account before you are tempted to buy this and that.

Target yourself, in a week you should spend money only Rp 200,000.

Giving yourself the target is important. This is an effort to curb the desire within yourself. You can target the self and may shell out a maximum of 200 thousand in the week.

Always carry cash in small denominations in your wallet and not have to carry an ATM card.

In addition to giving a target on yourself, you can also get used to bring enough money in the wallet. This will make you not tempted to buy unnecessary things. In addition, also leave your ATM card at home, if you will go to places that have the potential to make you tempted to go shopping.

Buy snack may be just, but make sure that it is full.

Buying snack is okay really. However, to save money, you have to buy a snack truthful really filling. For example, wheat biscuits or crackers. In this way, you can save as easily satisfied.

Eat instant noodles a maximum of three times a week.


We did not recommended to often eat instant noodles, but actually eat them three times a week is still a safe limit anyway. Now, therefore, you can use it to downsize. You can schedule to eat instant noodles at the beginning of each week, mid, and also the end of the week.

 You can still hang out every week with a budget of 50,000 rupiah and The stratagem to eat before hanging.

Despite save money, you can still have fun, you know. Way too easy, you can give a budget hanging out at 50,000 rupiah each week. And do not forget before hanging should you eat first, so that later you can save even more.

 Bring some food to the office or to school, so do not snack anymore.

Bring lunch could be the key to saving. You can bring lunch every time I go to the office or to school. This is one way that you’re not tempted to snack.

 Buy little problem of data packets, in public places always make use of wifi available.

You do not need to buy a lot of data packets, enough to buy quota reasonable course with long periods of time. Then you can always take advantage of the wifi in public areas to the fullest. For example, to update the app to upload photos on social media. Believe me, this way can make you saving every month.

So, are you ready to start saving money this month?