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By Izanami Apr27,2023

Architecture design in Pakistan has been changing in the past few years. The evolution has centered on materials, construction modes, unique architectural features, and more. Cities and regions have adopted different architectural and interior design styles for their houses according to their respective cultural and geographical characteristics. In Punjab, it’s easy to see multiple-story houses with courtyards. However, you see single-story units with minimum open spaces in the northern region. Still, modern architects in Pakistan are bringing global trends that we will feature next.

Minimalistic architecture

Minimalistic architecture embraces simplicity in every sense. You will see a simple structural layout, minimum ornament, and geometrical placements. In Pakistan, there has been a surge in minimalistic architecture, and it has become more popular in recent years. People in this country are more conscious about living in mindful spaces with a clutter-free philosophy. This type of design allows a naturally simplistic ambiance where everybody can relax. It’s easy to find basic angles and clean lines according to each structure. In addition, architects use neutral color pallets, mainly white, gray, and tan, providing a calming appeal. Empty spaces are also used in this design, drawing attention to key architectural elements. 

Spanish Architecture

Nowadays, Pakistanis are also exploring Spanish architecture. This style offers modern-looking houses with several functions and moderate ornamentation. Some key features are the curves and arches, which are central to the layout, making it aesthetically pleasing. It’s easy to spot a curved flight of steps to an elegant archway. Another element in Spanish architecture is the thick white walls, usually stucco. The material keeps the building cool during summer days and releases heat during cooler nights. Finally, another classic look in this style is the attractive red roofs made of clay tiles. Urban cities like Lahore and Islamabad prefer these looks.

Modern architecture

A modern house is experimental, minimalistic, and innovative. This type of design had global hype after the industrialization era when the construction process was popular. Architects focused on comfortable and functional designs and left behind ornamentation and impractical structures. In the past few decades, Pakistani people have preferred a modern design with sharp lines and an elegant look. Also, you can see supporting wide roof overhangs used for extra shadow, the use of glass in large framed windows, glass walls, glass roof external facades, wooden gates, front elevation, and more.

French architecture

Another trend in Pakistan is French architecture with its two main styles of construction: expensive estate and modest farmhouses. It’s a trend focusing on big luxurious residential buildings. It uses neutral color palettes, natural finishes, and ornaments with a natural twist. There is geometrical symmetry in the roofing, windows, and room layout. You can see the balance between shapes and design.

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By Izanami

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