Do I need triple glazing in my home?

Triple glazing is an upgrade from double glazing. It has three panes of glass and is said to reduce noise and increase efficiency. Double glazing offers a lot of benefits, so is upgrading to triple glazing worth it?

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Advantages of triple glazing

A window’s energy efficiency levels are measured with a ‘U-Value’. The lower the grade, the more efficient the windows are. Older double glazed windows measure a three, but with improvements to the technology, they can now be as low as 1.6. However, triple glazing can measure as low as 0.8, giving significant improvements.
If condensation’s a problem, triple glazing significantly reduces the amount you’ll get. For people living in busy areas, they’re a good idea, because they also lower noise levels, meaning you might get that coveted peaceful night’s sleep finally.
Double glazing has a higher U-Value than triple, and therefore it creates cold patches inside your home. If you have a modern home, your wall insulation contributes to the coldness of your windows. Triple glazed windows reduce this difference and work better with modern insulated walls.

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For those living in urban areas where crime is a potential issue, an upgrade to triple glazing could ensure an element of safety.
Things to consider

Triple glazing costs money, and if you’ve already got double glazing in your home, you might want to think about all the factors. Living in a quiet area means less noise and less need for triple glazing.
If your windows already perform quite well, but you want a bit more warmth, you could consider purchasing some thick curtains to retain the heat in your rooms.
Any alterations to your home should be carried out by a professional company. In Dublin windows and doors services are offered by many businesses, but not all are reputable and reliable. There are some, like Keane Windows Dublin that provide a bespoke service and can advise you on products.
Triple glazing is a long-term investment, and while the savings may not be substantial compared to those double glazing offers, it’s worth considering if noise and condensation are issues in your household.
Is it worthiIt?

There are many things to take into consideration, but triple glazing can improve life on many different levels. It’s a cost-effective, safer and quieter alternative.