When is the Best Season for a Kitchen Remodel?

By Izanami Jul12,2024

Thinking of a kitchen or house remodel but can’t decide on the best time to do it? One thing is for sure; some seasons are better for a remodel than others. You wouldn’t want to replace your patio doors or windows during winter, would you? The cold season doesn’t favour most remodelling projects, or constructions for that matter. According to Carl A. Smith, a licensed contractor with CliqStudios, the grow freezes when it snows, which is to say some projects will be meaningless during such a season. It is like road repair, he says. Road repair can only happen during summer, and never during winter.

Some remodelling projects (indoor) can be undertaken during the cold season. These include kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and basement remodels as well. As long as the project doesn’t involve removing windows, the roof, foundation, walls, and entry points, it is safe to go on with such remodels.

Many homeowners prefer/schedule kitchen remodels and renovations in spring and summer when the weather is most favourable. This leaves most contractors with slim pickings during winter. A few decades ago, getting a general contractor during winter was relatively easier than it is today. You can however make bookings for a remodelling project during winter.

Several other factors (aside from the weather) ought to be considered before scheduling for a kitchen remodel. These include:

1. Family Schedules

You don’t want to schedule a bathroom remodelling project when everyone is at home. Consider family schedules and only consider going on with the remodel when the kids are away for summer camp, or when the family is flexible enough to accommodate the project. The kitchen is one of the essential parts of a home; do not turn it into a construction zone when everyone needs to use it.

2. Eating Plans

Having the entire family eat out for several days is not only expensive, but tiring. That said, you should consider setting up a temporary kitchen to use when the main kitchen is under construction. Most families will do well with a simple table, a mini-fridge, or a microwave. An outdoor grill will come in handy during summer when you can have food, and everything else prepared outdoors.

3. Holidays and Special Events

Be mindful of upcoming events (graduations, birthdays, etc.) and holidays when planning for a kitchen remodel. Some remodelling projects can take days, if not weeks, to complete. Such can be inconvenient if your wife wishes to throw a birthday party for the last born. Other projects take a lot longer too – e.g., if you are planning to rewire the entire kitchen, change the walls, call for inspections, and redoing the plumbing. You can, however, schedule for the constructions several weeks or months before special days and celebrations. Having the kitchen remodelling project complete just before Thanksgiving day would be an excellent plan.

4. Special Deals

Everyone loves a good deal. Kitchen remodelling budgets may soar in excess of £17,000. Shopping for major appliances during Black Friday and when there’s a special deal can, however, help slash the budget by a huge margin. Most of these sales deals come during spring and sometimes winter. Although you might not be remodelling yet, it wouldn’t hurt grabbing an irresistible deal and keeping the appliances, materials, and products in a safe place.

5. Product Lead Times

If looking to use hand-crafted designs and custom cabinetry such as a custom glass splashback, you should allow at least 3 months lead time for these. Whether ordering these exotic cabinets from a local furniture shop or another state, you might be forced to wait for several weeks before the order can be delivered. Keep in mind product availability and delivery when scheduling for a kitchen remodel.

6. Planning

You need to have a properly laid out plan before starting on the project. A kitchen remodel begins with research, shopping for items, setting goals, setting a budget, and talking to contractors and professionals about the same. It is after everything is aligned in place that you can begin the process of ordering for custom cabinetry, appliances, and other materials required for the remodel. As long as all these are set, you can start a kitchen remodel anytime regardless of the season or weather.

By Izanami

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