Various Types of Shutters Available in the Market

The personality and beauty of your home depend on the type of exterior shutters that you go for. If you want to add some style and appeal to your home, shutters provide you with an impeccable way. However, long before you settle for a specific type of shutters, there are some basic things that you should familiarize with. For instance, you should first familiarize with the type of your house. Is your house Victorian style or is it a mid-century modern home? The knowledge about your home is important as it goes a long way in deciding the shutters you choose. Click this link for more information about shutters.
Types of shutters
Once you have identified with the model of your house, you should proceed with choosing the right shutter for your home. At the moment, there are plenty of shutters to choose from. These types include the colonial shutters, Bahama shutters as well as the board $ batten shutters. Raised panel shutters is the last group of shutters.
Raised Panel Shutters
These shutters are suitable for a variety of homes that consist of architectural style homes, quaint craft cottages, traditional colonial homes as well as federal manor homes. These shutters are also suitable for the Greek revival. This is because these styles are dominated by pillars meaning that raised panel shutters are the best in offering the right flare. According to shutter experts, this is a style that was inspired by the colonial architecture of New England. Because of their ability to block elements from the exterior, these shutters are very effective for hurricane protection as well as energy savings. They are most beautiful when used with wood.
Board & Batten Shutters
According to shutter experts, the board & batten shutters are the earliest shutters to have been made. They come with the features of a traditional cottage style making it ideal for a serene, warm looking environment. They are one of the most durable shutters as they are made from aluminum. They are, therefore, ideal for Spanish home styles and Mediterranean styles that are rust free. In addition to these two styles, the board & batten shutters are suitable for the ranch style homes as well as the Cape Cod styles.
Bahama Shutters
These shutters are associated with the British colonial-era architecture. Nevertheless, these shutters are today used for decorative purposes. This makes them suitable for a variety of homes such as contemporary homes, cottages, and beach Bungalows. They are very effective when it comes storm protection. They are also elegant when used with ranch styles homes and Cape Cod styles.
Colonial Shutters
These shutters are said to have been influenced by the colonial architecture. This makes them suitable for a number of home styles such as Victorian style, federal style as well as the colonial styles. They offer both decorative and protective features making them suitable for hurricane protection.
This article offers you the steps that you should follow when choosing shutters for your home. It also discusses some of the shutters available in the market. The article concludes by citing the advantages of these shutters.