These are some of the biggest window dressing trends right now

By Izanami Oct13,2022

As is the case with all matters relating to interior design, trends come and go and it can be hard to keep up. 2018 has seen some exciting innovations in window dressing and your home deserves to make the most of them.

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Here are some of the trending concepts in window design right now:
Patterns are all the rage

According to the design experts at Good Housekeeping Magazine, large windows look fabulous when flanked by long curtains. This is because the folds of fabric give the room a focal point, but what pattern should they be?
The dressing that you choose for the main window of the room sets the theme for the soft furnishings you choose. Gone are the solid, neutral fabrics that were so popular a few years ago. Their timeless elegance graced all the stylish homes, but now they have a rival – bold is back!
You can expect to see geometric and abstract patterns this season. These are not so subtle when it comes to colour – bright colours are now the hot trend.

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If you have just invested in new windows Cheltenham, style them with bold prints. As soon as a window supplier such as has installed your beautiful new windows, it is time to get to work on dressing them!
Earth elements never date
If you use nature as inspiration for your interior design, it will never be out of fashion. The natural world simply does not date, with metallics a good example. Gold, silver and bronze have made a comeback in stylish homes this year and can be paired with so many other fabrics and soft furnishings.
Whilst it is true that the paler neutrals such as white and beige are not as popular as they once were, this does not mean that neutrals have been rejected altogether. The darker alternatives are becoming more and more popular, with shades such as charcoal and slate bolder and more assertive than the paler colours. They add a layer of sophistication and introduce contrast into homes that may otherwise look a little washed out.
Cottons and linens are taking over from heavy synthetic materials, giving rooms a lighter and airier feel that lifts the atmosphere in any home.

By Izanami

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