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Instagram Growth and Marketing Guide The estimate of the users who joined Instagram in the past like one year could reach an estimate of about three hundred million. This was just a dream of two people but now it has become the biggest site where people share their photos and thoughts. Business is also another big reason that people go for when it comes to Instagram other than just sharing photos and videos. That means that with time you can always better your Instagram both in growth and marketing for reasons best known to you. Below are some of the strategies that you can use to help grow and market your Instagram. Using a lot if not all of the present tools in Instagram could be a very bright idea. In the past five years Instagram has continued to develop their system by adding things to the application that make it even more fun. It is just not about the complex part of Instagram but also the part where you can better your photos, make creative videos and remain on top of your account changes. It would be cool if you could use the many filters, after effects and simply do editing with the many different features. It doesn’t matter what kind of a person you are, there will be at least one option that will suite you. Instagram needs you to stay up-to date that’s all. You can also better your Instagram account by simply trying to interact with your followers. There is a great possibility that if you keep your followers engaged to your account they will keep coming back and even more people will begin to follow you. Other than hashtags that can be used to create buzz you can also post quality photos that have the ability to engage your followers. Keep interacting with those that are already your followers and those that you want to follow. Follow others only if you know people will love your posts. People are attracted to things that are of high quality and things that are interesting. Active people attract a lot of people on Instagram.
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Even as you try to always maintain our posts it is important to see that you do not over post. The feeds of those who follow you will be filled with your posts alone if you post a lot of posts at once. This is not a good thing as they will be bored and start to ignore your post more often. The best way to do this is simply by adding regularly and jumping a few days is wise sometimes.
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Lastly, your Instagram needs to be promoted everywhere. When you first join Instagram you should connect it to Facebook. Most of your Facebook friends can then become your Instagram friend with an invitation. Note that you can always take the link of any of your post and share it on any other social media where you have friends for them to go see.