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Tips on Buying the Best Do House

Finding a perfect house for your canine can be a bit challenging, especially if it is your first time. You, therefore, need to do your homework pretty well in order to buy the best for your animal. Discussed in this piece are some helpful tips on buying the best dog house.

Several aspects need to be looked at before purchasing a dog house. Firstly, decide which material to go for. Some of the common materials used to construct dog houses include plastic, metal and wood. Dog houses made from plastic are not only lightweight but also affordable. It is quite easy to clean and maintain plastic dog houses. Houses made from wood are said to be good insulators. But if you want the most durable structure, consider going for a metallic one.

The next vital thing to look at is the size of your dog’s house. The size should be reasonable so the animal can turn around without any problem. Avoid buying extra-large houses since dogs do not feel secure in big spaces. Big dog houses tend to get cold easily. Get advice from a specialist on the right size of the dog house to buy depending on the age of your animal.
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The doorway of your dog house needs also to be your concern. Make sure the doorway is large enough to allow your pet to move in and out any time. Do not choose a house with extra-large door that can allow coldness and exposure to adverse weather elements. Unlike human beings, dogs require doors that are even smaller than their body heights.
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The type of roof used on your preferred house dog should be your concern. If you are shopping for a wooden dog house, you will have to decide on which roof to choose. Dog houses made of wood have either classic or pitched roofs. Check the kind of protective covering installed on the roof. The common choices of protective cover include wood, metal and asphalt shingles.

Again, you should consider going for a house with a raised floor. Elevating the floor a few inches above the ground makes the house a bit more comfortable. A house with a raised floor does not retain moisture inside. This also offers extra protection against flea infestation. In case you are considering a wooden house, raising the floor will prevent rooting of the wood.

Also, look at the ventilation of the dog house you are buying. Ensure the dog house has ventilation to allow proper air circulation. Improper ventilation means that air inside will become hot, especially during summer and this will make the house uncomfortable for your pet. Also, during winter poor ventilation can lead to excessive buildup of moisture. So, ensure the house is well-ventilated for the safety of your animal.