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Ways In Which You Can Keep Your Dog Healthy And Fit Selecting dog food can be overwhelming especially with so many varieties available in the market. A healthy diet for a certain dog might not be good for another. Considering various factors in selecting dog food is important. Factors such as dog’s age, breed, weight, and level of activity. Five nutritional tips should be considered in determining whether the dog is having proper food. Involving the veterinarian in dog nutrition The veterinarian is the best person to give clarity and answer queries on dogs nutrition. Veterinarians, however, have a problem with recommending a standard dry food. The problem with standard science diet is that it comprises of corn and animal by-products without other nutritional supplements It is important discussing nutritional alternatives for the dog which are meat-based. It is also good to ask questions concerning various food brands for dogs. Giving the dog a multi-vitamin. In a dogs diet, multi-vitamin should be a vital consideration Providing extra vitamins in a dogs diet is not harmful. They can be very healthy in ensuring proper growth and development of the dog. Utilizing natural dried dog food. natural dried food should be an important consideration as dog food. However, the natural dry food costs more than dry standard food. corn, animal by-products and chemical preservatives are not found in natural dry dried foods making them more expensive Although it’s more expensive, natural dry food enhance dogs diet.If for some reasons the budget cannot be met, natural brands could be mixed with standard brands.
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Feeding dogs weekly on canned or raw food. Even though canned food is more expensive than dried dog food, it’s very beneficial in meeting the nutritional requirements of the dog. Currently there is a wide range of organic and natural brands of available canned foods on the market. Raw food for dogs that are commercial should also be considered for feeding. Among the foods that make up raw foods for dogs, the following should be considered, bones, veggies, raw meat, and organs. The raw dog should be presented to the pets in a pasty format. Raw food is a good option that dog owners should consider despite the fact that many owners are not comfortable with them Digestive enzymes as dog food supplements. One way of ensuring the digestive system of a dog is healthy, is by providing digestive enzymes combined with probiotics. Important sources from which digestive enzymes could be obtained include veggies, fruits, and raw meats However, these enzymes could be lost when cooking the food. Buying ready digestive enzyme supplements could overcome this problemCase Study: My Experience With Pets