Interior and Exterior Painting In the Winter

By Izanami Dec2,2022

It’s winter season – the coldest time of the year. The smell of Christmas rents the air. A time when everyone adds a bit of an artistic appeal to their building. So, how do you make your home look more appealing? It’s high time you considered giving it a new look with fresh new paints. It is always advisable not to paint in the winter, but it is not an impossible feat to accomplish. The cold weather in the winter makes painting a building a bit frustrating because it takes more time to dry. Professional commercial painters are aware of the weather conditions and will only agree to paint the building under favorable conditions. Most of the time, they stay updated with the forecast.

Interior Painting in the Winter

During winter, professional commercial painters experience difficulties when it comes to outdoor painting projects. In light of this, many building owners would rather switch to tackling their indoor painting needs, from minor paint jobs to replacing the old colors with new ones. The cold winter weather will most likely tell you that the indoor wall surfaces could use a new coat.

Humidity levels need to be taken into consideration before painting. Humidity levels affect how paint adheres to surfaces. Another factor to put into consideration is the wall temperature. However, since most commercial buildings are equipped with climate-controlled devices, painting the interior of a building doesn’t pose many challenges.

Before painting, professional commercial painters will test the surfaces using infrared thermometers to see if they aren’t below 35 degrees. A few specialty paints are designed to adhere to wall surfaces at this temperature. Painting at a temperature below 35 degrees will result in bubbles, cracks, and wrinkles.

It is important to note that there are specific types of paints that adhere to surfaces much better during the winter. Professional commercial painters know just the right type of paint for any surface. Furthermore, the right paint type will also make your building look more appealing once the paint job is completed.

Exterior Painting in the Winter

Want to paint your exterior in the winter? Though not an impossible feat, it requires a lot of strategic planning. Most paint types and brands do not adhere to surfaces below 35 degrees. As a result, professional commercial painters will always plan their exterior painting projects around the forecast. Most contractors will always plan to paint on days with temperatures around 50 degrees.

But when the weather becomes too chilly, abort all exterior painting projects you might have. This is because the paint will not dry and adhere to the surfaces correctly. 

If you are constrained by budget, painting in the winter guarantees a good deal. Since many painters are less busy, it’s a great time to hire professional commercial painters at a fraction of the price compared to the busy summer season.

Make sure you hire the best contractors for the job, irrespective of your budget. A painter who can guarantee great success despite the disparities in weather conditions.

By Izanami

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