How to Install Paving Stones

By Izanami Jul26,2020

Paving stones have gained a great deal of popularity in the recent years. Lots more people are using them and more and more people are looking to do the work themselves. If you too want to do the installation of Paving stones yourself there are a few things that you need to know about how to install them properly. If you want to buy Natural Stone Paving, Amber Tiles is the best choice, visit the website at

The first thing you should do is to decide on what sort of paving stones you think will look best in your yard. There are many different types and usually they come in very different colors as well. You need to pick something that you like now and that you think will hold up over time when it comes to your changing tastes.

Before you actually buy the stones you need to measure the space you plan to use the stones in. You need to do this so you can be certain how many stones you will need to complete your job. If you are using the stones to build a raised garden bed or something else that has height to it then you will want to make sure you take that into account as you plan your purchase. The people at the store where you are buying the stone should be able to help you figure out exactly what you need based on the measurements that you provide to them. They can look at the stones you’ve selected and give you the number you will need to complete your job.

Once you have your stones you need to make sure that you have everything else you need to get the job done right. You will need to make sure that have sand and gravel to work with. You will also need to rent a tamper so that you can make sure that you create a solid foundation for whatever you are choosing to build with your stones.

Once you have all the tools and materials purchased it will be time to start your project. You will need to excavate the area where you will be building your new stone creation. You need to dig down several inches to allow enough room for your base stones to be settled in and you also need to account for the layers of sand and gravel that will need to go below that.

Once you have excavated the area you will need to add a layer of gravel and tamp it down. Then you will add a layer of sand and tamp that as well. Once you have a couple of layers of each it will be time to lay your first stones. The first stones will be the base of everything that is built up after that, so you want to make sure they are solidly in place.

By Izanami

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