How to Increase Mobile Signal

At that article you will find the information why GSM, 3G, 4G signal can be poor and the ways to enhance it.

Keeping in touch with the world around us is a huge part of human’s life. So huge that when for some reason you lose the ability to chat or use the Internet, it gets physically uncomfortable. If you can relate to that, there are few things that might help you with it, including some actions you can take by yourself or using the devices like home mobile phone signal booster.

1. Cases of a bad signal.

Sometimes, even in the most developed country, people can experience connection issues that are treatable only by things like signal amplifiers.Mostof these issues happen due to following reasons:

  • Distance from the nearest cell tower. It is obvious that the closer you get to the GSM network tower, the better your signal is. Sometimes, getting on a higher place also helps;
  • Landscape. Being in the flat or hilly areas can impact the reception hugely. If the signal stumbles upon nature obstacles on its way, it gets weaker and weaker every meter;
  • Overcrowded places. When there are too many people in one place, like stadiums or concert halls, the cell tower can fail easily, causing connection and signal troubles;
  • Phone issues. If you notice that your reception is bad and the signal is weak, there might be something wrong with your cellphone. Usually, it’s treatable by simply updating your software or changing the provider.

2. Ways of improving the signal.

There are a few ways to ‘treat’ your connection. Most of them are simple and don’t require much fuss:

  1. Move closer to the cell tower or, alternatively – higher. The easiest way if you live in a big city with lots of mobile masts. However, it won’t help you far from civilization;
  2. Update your phone’s software. Using outdated firmware can cause system and reception issues. Updating it can fix them instantly.
  3. Change the network. Sometimes the problem can be related to the connection provider. In this case, try to change your operator or a phone contract;
  4. Buy the cell phone signal booster. In case none of that worked you can go with mobile network booster. It works through antennas and a small device called GSM signal repeater/booster/amplifier, which amplifies the signal and creates a strong connection.

To summarize, if you’re having connection problems but don’t have time and resources to move a few blocks in search of the GSM-tower – buy a network booster instead and don’t fall out the loop.