Finding A Space Of Relaxation In The Office

In an office environment, it is important to have a variety of space that is going to help create a more productive and better experience for all employees.
In fact, offices that allow their employees to relax have been cited as one of the most desirable features in a number of studies and questionnaires related to the work environment. These types of areas are going to be quite different from quiet areas, which are where people typically go when they need time to reflect or need an element of privacy or concentration.
It is essential that employees have an element of mental health as well as physical health. Both of these elements are an essential part of being fully fit and helping to create a work environment that is going to be productive while allowing employees the opportunity to move around . The workplace must have all of these elements in equal parts.

Relaxation Areas

Stress is one of the biggest enemies in the office environment and can bring productivity to a halt.
It is important that there is a way for employees to get away from the stress of the office and have the ability to focus on another task. There must be an alternative to the office environment that offers a different vibe or energy.
Many offices tend to offer a simple breakout area that offers a unique environment through the decor and furniture even though it may only be a few feet away from the workspace. While other offices implement dedicated well-being spaces and floors to ensure the happiness and well-being of their employees.

Intelligent Design

Offices are creating relaxing environments through the use of big, comfortable furniture, plants, fountains, living walls and other techniques to help keep employees happy and relaxed. In addition, offices have found that the use colours can help to transform a stressed and hectic office into a place of productivity and relaxation.
Relaxation can be much more than just a sense of tranquility. It is also about adding a sense of fun and alternative activities as well. Many offices are finding that adding entertainment such as a simple ping pong table is allowing employees an opportunity to simply decompress while having fun.

A Home Away From Home

Office designs have changed a lot over the past few years, there has been a move to make them similar to that familiar coffee shop down the street or even a boutique hotel as opposed to that sterile and bland environment that many became use to over the years. In fact, there has been an overall move to make the office a home away from home and that can be seen in the type of decor, furniture and overall ambiance of the office. Bringing that feeling of home helps to create a sense of warmth even in the month bland of office environments.

Simple Spaces

Finally, there are those rooms that are dedicated to silence where employees can nap, pray and meditate. These are typically known as recharge rooms and allow for individuals to use them as they see fit. They are typically free of electronics and designed for free and clear thought. Employers are now creating areas for people of all faith to have space to carry out their religious practices. In some bigger offices and corporations there are even feet washing facilities.
These types of facilities are being designed to bring people together and allow them to occupy the same space in comfort. As technology changes, the office will continue to evolve and become more of a safe haven from the employee. It will no longer be a stressed environment but one that is designed for productivity and a full exchange of ideas. If you’re ready to bring your office up to the next level, why not contact Sandhurst Interiors and see what they can do for you!