Comparing Ceiling Fans, Pedestal Fans, Table Fans and Coolers – which one is more efficient?

By Izanami May31,2023

People used to get flummoxed with the question which type of air cooling system is great to them? There are a lot of choices and people have to choose only one among them. This is really a conundrum. Websites that are making business with the air cooling system will always tell you of the thing that they are trading with. But you have to buy the one that really suits your demand and also comes within the range. Among the different types of air cooling system we will provide you information regarding these things and also help you in getting the right thing according to your pocket value.

Let us compare fans based on factors like energy efficiency, size, requirement and list the pros and cons.

  1. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have been in use from the very ancient days. It has a long dated history and has still in use in each and every household. Ceiling fans comes in various sizes and shapes and has been helping the common man in getting the room temperature decreased by a degree. According to the length and breadth of the house ceiling fans are available in the market. In the present day the blades of the ceiling fans are shaped in a different way to provide more cool winds to the house. Lights and also non-dusting technique blades are available with the ceiling fans which made it one of the best things to have in the households.
But ceiling fans have negative sides too. It has been found that still the blades of the ceiling fans create noise and it really become difficult to wash and clean the blades of the ceiling fans without opening it. Many times the height also creates problem as it do not produce the air that it promises.

  1. Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans are the modern technique cooling system. These fans have the height that can be adjusted according to the requirement. The blades are mainly covered by a covering from both in the front and in the back. As a result, the blades of the fans are not as long as that of the ceiling fans. But still these fans provide a lot of cool air to the common people. The blades of the fans are very easy to wash and also the inner and outer parts where there is dust.
But the pedestal fans needs to be maintained at the shortest period of time. A pipe has been fitted with the fans from behind where the plug is fitted. These pipe and the plugs get damaged and needs to be maintained which only done by the electrical experts. Also these fans are not rated in stars and so it consumes much of the electricity.

  1. Table Fans

Table fans are the smaller version of the air cooling system fans that have been designed in the most beautiful way. These fans are smaller in size and also the blade size of the fans is very small from the others. These fans are designed in many ways and have been in use in many households in the recent day.
Table fans are useful to use by a single person. The air coverage of the fan is very small and it cannot cover all the area of the room. This fan is good for a single people to get relief from the scorching temperature of the outside but not for each and every member of the house.

  1. Coolers

Among the air cooling system this is the most efficient to produce air. Within a few minutes, the coolers cool the entire room. The electricity consumption is very low in the coolers. The cost is also very cheap and for you this is the best thing and more efficient than the others.

By Izanami

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