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Hiring Paving Contractors for Your Driveway: 3 Essential Tips Would you like to see your driveway looking new again. The paving or repair of an asphalt driveway is a huge financial undertaking, and the work must be done by expert contractors. A poor job can cause pooling of water in your garage, as well as around your home’s foundation. For these reasons, hiring the best contractor you can find is imperative. A quality contractor’s job can last for up to 20 years, while a substandard job will stand to crumble within the first two years. You may thus end up paying more to fix the poor workmanship than you would have paid for a proper job in the first place. Finding a quality paving and repair contractor for your asphalt driveway doesn’t have to be hard, if you know what to look for. The following tips can help you make a more informed decision. Conduct due diligence
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It’s important that you hire established paving contractors with a good reputation. One of the best ways to guarantee a great outcome is to get a recommendation, so it would help if you can get one from friends or family. Also make sure the contractor has both liability and workers’ comp insurance, and is properly licensed and insured. It’s advisable to reach out to at least two companies to find out about their pricing and availability. Simply checking out the portfolio they have on their website is unlikely to be enough; you may want to see, in person, the works they’ve completed so as to assess the quality.
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Be wary of claims made about “secret” methods Homeowners are advised to avoid any contractor who claims to use secret techniques in their work. Here’s the truth: not much has changed, over the last 30 or so years, in asphalt paving. Pay attention to the pricing too–you must proceed with caution if the pricing sounds too good to be true, is so much lower than other contractors’ estimates. Asphalt paving is quite an undertaking, with expensive equipment required for a proper job. So do a little research on asphalt paving standards, if possible. This knowledge can help you tell when you’re getting a bad deal, or when to treat a deal with suspicion. Ask the important questions It’s important to ask questions about anything you’re not sure about early on. For example, on matters pricing, find out if the estimate you received is a set price. You may also want to know about specific things, such as how thick the asphalt will be. A professional contractor will take the time to over common industry terms with you, to ensure you’re informed and comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable asking a particular contractor questions, it may be a sign that you need to consider a different one.