Bamboo Versus Wood Flooring

A hot trend for cutting-edge kitchens, bamboo floors blend style and durability. SIMPLY BAMBOO has an extensive range of bamboo floor designs, colours and sizes along with accessories such as stair nosings and skirting boards. Traditional Bamboo is formed by gluing and pressing together strands of bamboo that are then formed into planks. Smith & Fong Bamboo – offers solid and cross laminate bamboo flooring, plywood, paneling, and veneer products. Duro Design – More than 50 colors in bamboo flooring, combining advanced coating technology with the resilience and beauty of natural bamboo textures to produce state of the art bamboo flooring. Moso Select Bamboo is as hard as Ironbark and will endure the harsh realities of family life and commercial application. Bamboo is a fast-growing and sturdy tree-like grass, making it a highly renewable resource.

Unlike horizontal, vertical, and strand-woven bamboo floors, engineered bamboo planks are extremely durable and ideal for wet environments. Embelton have exclusive distribution agreement from world’s leading bamboo flooring manufacturer who have their own bamboo forests in the coldest parts of China.

According to Tom Godfrey, spokesman for consumer organisation CHOICE, bamboo is hard-wearing, durable, easy to clean, and uses low embodied energy.” The latter refers to the total energy used to produce the flooring. My kitchen has sheet vinyl that is lifting in the corners and has other issues, so I worry about putting this floor directly over the existing vinyl. Bamboo grows much faster than wood and so can be harvested sooner with lower impact on the environment.bamboo flooringbamboo flooring

These settings were derived from sample populations of the different flooring products provided by the above manufacturers. Use a table-top or your kitchen counter as your work area, because if the latex dribbles into a carpet or any kind of fabric YOU WILL NEVER, EVER GET IT OUT. Today, you can choose from a wide range of ceiling materials including asbestos sheets, bamboo sheets, jute, coir-ply, Plaster-of-Paris, plastics, particle boards, decorative aluminum panels, aluminum and plastic composite materials. I think it will also prevent accumulated temperature creep from buckling the flooring as one run would be over 40 feet if laid continuously. We have samples for you to test that we’re certain will leave you impressed with the extreme durability of the finish on the bamboo we use.bamboo flooring

Nonetheless, there are several flooring products that have minimal-to-no effects and are environmental friendly, rendering them better than others. Lumber Liquidators offers 13 varieties from three brands— Morning Star Bamboo , Supreme Bamboo and Schön Engineered Flooring —in varying sizes of floor boards and finishes. According to Hayward, most problems that occur with bamboo floors are due to incorrect installation.