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Uses of Custom Wallpaper Using wallpaper instead of painting you wall is beneficial in that you have many more options than paint colors, and wallpapers are also durable and captivating. If you have a business, then custom wallpaper will look great on it. Depending on your need and preferences, you can use wallpapers that are fit for your business or office needs. The first impression of what your customer makes when he/she walks into your office is what they see. A bigger than life size mural of your products or the message that you want to communicate to your customers would make a good first impression and can strengthen your branding. Commercial grade vinyl with UV cured inks is the material where custom wallpapers are printed and they are solvent free, washable, and will not fade. When it comes to texture you can choose either a suede-like texture that is rich and pleasing or a smooth wallpaper usually selected by artists for their artwork that requires rich blacks. If you don’t want to make a permanent wallpaper installation then you can use materials that are removable for your custom wallpaper. For your drywall, metal, and glass, wallpapers stick well. It is possible to install it yourself because it comes with an adhesive back and a release paper.
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The material used for removable wallpaper and signages is wallboard vinyl. An alternative to painting your logo on the wall or putting it on a frame to hang, which does not last for a long time, is custom wallpaper which can get the design and exact size that you want on the wall and you can expect it to last for a long time. You can use wallboard vinyl as a temporary wallpaper, as temporary or movable posters in stores, as window signage, and with backlit displays.
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Custom made wallpapers are also great to enrich those narrow hallways and to call the attention of a passerby by directing its interest to the end of the hallway. Cutting your wallpaper into small frames with small captions can catch the attention of those who pass by and they will try to find out what the contents are. But when there is a focal point then the interest will be at the end of the hallways. So, from murals, to wall board, to adorning your hallways, custom wallpapers will give your space the exact look and feel you want. It is also a great way to personalize your home where you can either put a world map wallpaper in your library, or change the appearance of a wall by installing a brick wallpaper or a street map wallpaper. According to your peculiar choice, the options are really endless.