4 Ways Mobile Apps Could Help With Home Improvement Projects

By Izanami Dec29,2023

Starting a home improvement project takes a lot of commitment and hard work. Before you go ahead with this project you need to know all the basics concerning the project. You can pull out your smartphone and download some apps.

Based on reviews and suggestions on Collected.Reviews, there are many apps on the market these days, that can help make your improvement easy and perfect.

You can download some of the best home improvement apps that will help estimate your project cost, calculate the supplies needed for the project. There are other apps that can help you pick the right furniture and color for your project too. Luckily this article has listed out some ways mobile apps could help with home improvement. Here are 4 ways mobile apps can help with home improvement projects.

1.          Painting:

Your home improvement project might definitely need to be painted or might include painting and painting most times requires homeowners to carefully make some decisions especially when it comes to deciding on the paint colors to use. There are mobile apps that make it easier for homeowners to make these decisions for their home improvement projects. Example of these apps is the ColorSmart app which allows the app user to search through sample paint colors, Behr paint colors, save images and photos that match the colors. Also there is the Color Capture app which is a little bit similar to ColorSmart app this app allows the user to browse through Paint combinations and Benjamin Moore paint. Users are also allowed to save these images and explore the Benjamin Moore collections.

2.          Interior Design:

Sometimes it is difficult to get an interior designer for your project and even when you find some, their services might be very expensive. There are interior design apps that can help you with your home improvement projects, there by adding beauty and value to your project.

3.          Measurement:

During a home improvement project, homeowners find measurements as a difficult task. But with the help of these mobile apps like Photo measure, AR Room Planner and Roomle 3D homeowners can take measurements with accuracy and ease.

4.          Decorating:

This aspect is one of the most fun and creative parts of a home improvement project. This process takes a lot of time and commitment for the homeowner. Examples of these apps are the roomy app which enables users to browse for furniture, and allows them to buy from the retailer sites. Another one is the IKEA Place app. This app allows users to shop for IKEA furniture and also allows them to drop  images of the furniture into pictures of the home, thereby allowing homeowners to be able to decide whether to make a purchase or not.


Home improvement projects can be a tedious process. This process requires lots of planning and execution. But with the help of mobile apps used for home improvement, this project process will be easier and even fun. These mobile apps tend to help homeowners make the best decisions for their homes or improvement project.

By Izanami

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