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Buying Men’s Belts – What You Should Look For

Men have very limited fashion accessories to use unlike women. Belts are one of the most used men’s fashion accessories and there are plenty of belt types and styles to choose from. Choosing a belt including narrowing down the options is one of the hardest things to do. Here are the things you need to know in choosing the right kind of belt for someone else or for yourself.

Look at the size

Usually labeled according to the size of the waist, men’s belts can also be bought according to small, medium or large sizes. Remember that belts sold in the format S, M or L have corresponding waist sizes which are 30-32 for small, 34-36 for medium and 38-40 for large. If you are gifting someone a belt, be sure to know the waist size of that person. Remember that you should choose a belt a little bigger than the waist size. So if you are giving a belt to someone with a size 32 waist, choose a medium size belt which is equivalent to 34-36 inches. A belt should provide some allowance but it should neither be too small or too big. A belt that is too long or big will have excess strap left that needs to be looped or tucked into your pants and will make someone look unnecessarily bulky. On the other hand, a belt that is too tight can be very uncomfortable and unsightly.
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Check the width
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Belt width is also a very important consideration when choosing the best belt. There are different sizes of belt loops on every type of slacks or pants, so you may need a different belt width for every style. The belt must lay flat and gently by the pants loop edges. It should neither look squeezed into the belt loops as it is too wide and it should never look inappropriate since it is not wide enough. One should own men’s belt in different widths in order to avoid this problem with belt width.

Material is important

There are belts for men made from synthetic or man-made leather but leather is the most commonly used material in making them. Select a belt made of high grade leather when looking to buy a new belt. A leather belt is indeed more costly but it lasts longer than synthetic ones because leather is very durable. There are other belts made from fabric and pleather. It is alright to use canvas belts with casual pants and jeans but dress pants or slacks will look better with leather belts.